Shepherding Grace Ministries

Our Shepherding Grace Purpose:

To provide insight into God's grace that satisfies the longing Christian's heart and how God's shepherding grace provides for the LIFE that Jesus Christ and His Apostles lived and taught.

The relationship of a shepherd and his sheep is a picture of God's relationship with His people throughout the Scriptures. This model provides practical insight and teaching for the one who desires to have the "abundant life" that Jesus, the Good Shepherd, promises us, His sheep, in John 10:10b. God calls His people sheep. "We are His people and the sheep of His pasture" (Psalm 100:3; Ezekiel 34:31). This shepherding model may be traced from Genesis to Revelation. It applies to all types of relationships: friends, marriage, families, Christian leadership, churches, missions, businesses, the marketplace and government.

Sincere Christians desire to be what God intends them to be and to enjoy the life that God has designed for them. Yet, teachers, preachers and authors tend to place emphasis upon one's spiritual performance instead of dependence on the Lord Jesus Christ for His life, wisdom and power. Christians are often taught to "be stronger" or "do better" or "work harder." We understand the concept that our salvation only comes by the grace of God, but often one fails to understand that the Christian life is also lived day by day, by drawing on the same grace of God. When individuals enter into this daily "grace relationship" they experience joy, peace, purpose and fulfillment regardless of the circumstances they face.

Our Shepherding Grace Goals:

  1. Presenting God's GRACE as personified in Jesus Christ.
  2. That the disciple will understand and embrace God's sanctifying grace design for the Christian life - dependence upon Jesus Christ as the Good Shepherd for daily living.
  3. That Christian leaders will give of themselves as gracious shepherds caring for those under their influence as Jesus our Good Shepherd gives of Himself.
  4. That husbands, dependent upon Jesus our Good Shepherd, will give of themselves to their wife as Jesus gives of Himself to them.
  5. That wives, dependent upon Jesus our Good Shepherd, will give of themselves to their husband as the church is to Christ.
  6. That believers as they respond to the Good Shepherd will also be led to encourage fellow sheep with shepherding grace in their personal walk and ministry.
Personal Shepherding:
The Shepherding Grace ministry is primarily designed for Christians in leadership and for mentoring others. Appointments are available on a one-on-one personal basis from the Englewood, Colorado office. We occasionally conduct Shepherding Grace Workshops for interested groups. Discipling appointments may be made by calling the office. If you live out of town, state or country, you may make telephone appointments (at the caller's expense) on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Call us at (303) 761-5005.

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