Gracestoration Founder:

Dottie Connor Bingham served as Dean of Women at Dallas Seminary for eight years (1985-1993). It was during that time that the ministry now called Gracestoration was birthed--the direct result of her discipling ministry to students and couples.

Gracestoration first began as a tiny seed as many sought and found personal and spiritual restoration in response to the ministry of Jack and Dottie Connor. The seeds spread beyond their borders as the couple and their four children served as church planters to a tribal group in the Philippines. The family then prepared for a restoring/discipling ministry to missionaries. The Lord took her husband to Himself in 1984, but continued to preserve the vision.

Nine years later a new chapter began -- also with the same focus and vision--when Dottie met and married Bob Bingham (also a former missionary to the Philippines). He serves as director of CUPbearers (with whom Gracestoration now serves). Together their joint-discipling ministry reaches around the world -- for the glory of God.