Our Purpose:
Gracestoration is dedicated to the restoration and renewal of God's people by providing spiritual encouragement, direction and discipleship -- all designed to encourage believers in their Christian lives and equip them to reach out to others in their sphere of influence with the transforming message of God's grace.

Our name Gracestoration identifies our purpose, and embraces both God's Grace for daily living and His desire to Restore His redemptive design in Christians.

Our Discipling Tools:
"Grace for the Rest of Your Life" is a complete discipling tool in a loose-leaf notebook featuring 20 lessons including applicable back-up materials and three smaller lesson cards for sharing with others. An album of audiotapes is also available for the teacher/discipler.

The Gracestoration concept cards provide a unique channel for expressing the truths of God's grace while focusing on Jesus, our Savior-Shepherd! By means of these visual transferable truths, a person may begin discipling others after the first lesson.

Gracestoration cards are being shared on college campuses, Sunday Schools, Bible studies, retreats, seminars, family devotions and one-on-one -- to people of all ages and cultures. (Some translations in other languages are available).

Personal Discipling:
The Gracestoration ministry is also available on a one-on-one personal basis from the Englewood, Colorado office. Discipling appointments may be made by calling the office. If you live out of town, state or country, you may make telephone appointments (at the caller's expense) on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Call us at (303) 761-5005.